Band Timeline
We're always up to no good. This is in reverse chronological order, so as you move down the list, it'll change from Band News to Band History.

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October 5, 2017
Spec CUMB praised for getting on their knees.
September 30, 2017
StarNews CUMB perfomrs at NYFW.
April 1, 2017
Bwog Bwog staff is CUMB shills?
December 19, 2016
Deadspin The band is featured in an article on the War on Fun™.
December 13, 2016
Bwog The CUMB is barred from entering Butler 209 for Orgo Night.
November 8th, 2016
DNAInfo The band plays outside the Hilton Midtown during Trump's Election Night party.
November 8th, 2016
Event The CUMB and Roar-ee recently celbreated Ira Millstein's 90th birthday at the Metropolitan Club.
November 19th, 2015
WNYC The Season interviews members of the CUMB.
Apr 13, 2004
Thanks to Ms. Devalier, the CUMB appeared on Good Morning Tokyo, waking up 20 million Japanese people with our lovely rendition of Roar.
Jan 21, 2004
Spec Fall Orgo Night 2003 caused a little controversy..
Jan 21, 2004
Spec which our absurdist humor is attacked
Nov 24, 2003
NY Post: The Bull--one can always count on the Post for quality, accurate journalism.
Dec 6, 2002
Band appears on MTV's Total Request Live. Link is to 8.3M video clip.
Nov 11, 2002
Spec Our HM's friend & Spec writer likes us.
Oct 1, 2002
New York Times Editorial. Apparently old TC admin isn't as supportive as the new one.
Oct 1, 2002
ESPN Fordham blurb.
Sept. 29, 2002
New York Times Article about Scramble Bands. We are the preeminent scrambling humor force in the world.
Sept. 25, 2002
Associated Press Yes Folks. The Fordham thing goes really nationwide.
Sept. 25, 2002
Catholic League website Catholic League just can't let go.
Sept. 25, 2002
Spec Not much more to say; this sums it up.
Sept. 25, 2002
New York Post More web references.
Sept. 25, 2002
New York Times More Fordham. Bandies are quoted, this website is referenced.
Sept. 24, 2002
New York Daily News Fordham. This one's lovingly inaccurate.
Sept. 24, 2002
Newsday Another Fordham. Newsday: original and informative.
Sept. 24, 2002
New York Post More Fordham; quotes some bandies
Sept. 24, 2002
New York Times About Fordham's reaction to the joke
Sept. 23, 2002
Catholic League website Complaining about a script joke
Mar. 2, 2001
The Chronicle for Higher Education A piece on Orgo Night
Mar. 2, 2001
Spec Article of our Gore Show. At least this reporter saw the show.
Mar. 1, 2001
Newsweek Mentions the Band Played for Gore but overlooks the Show
Feb. 28, 2001
Spec Opinion Defends the Band and Orgo Night (comp lit major only strokes a couple times)
Mar. 29, 2000
Spec Sports article. Mentions that the "Band Kicks Ass"
Feb. 22, 2001
Spec Our script reader for the 2000-2001 year writes a piece on Orgo Night
Feb. 20, 2001
Spec Opinion in favor of Orgo Night
Feb. 16, 2001
Spec Article on lack of unity at CU. Has a paragraph on the good of Orgo Night
Feb. 15, 2001
Spec The Band Replies to the previous article
Feb. 14, 2001
Spec The Spec Managing Board tries to kill Orgo Night
Feb. 12, 2001
Spec A Spec Article about the 1000 + person Orgo Night.
Jan. 17, 2001
Spec Another comp lit major jacks off on the spectator with some mention of Orgo Night
Jan. 16, 2001
Spec Some comp lit major makes Orgo Night an exercise in writing.
Oct. 09, 2000
Spec An opinion by a one-time bandie. Not really about the band, but we do get a mention
Nov. 25, 2000
Spec A nice artice about our underground tour
Dec. 17, 1999
Spec A bandie and an Alum do a Band's greatest hits
Nov. 5, 1998
Spec sports columnist does anti-Band article
Oct. 14, 1998
Spec sports columnist does pro-Band article
Oct. 2, 1998
CUMB pulls a prank on the Harvard Lampoon (Bad Spec article)
Oct. 1, 1998
CUMB pulls a prank on the Harvard Lampoon (Good Crimson article)
Sep. 18, 1998
Spec editorial written about Band takeover. Also, brief WSJ mention.
May 13, 1998
Spec article about pranks, mentions a lot of Band ones
May 10, 1997
Band appears in Richard Lewis blockbuster Game Day
Nov. 13, 1997
Band makes Time Out: New York's "101 Most Essential" list
Oct. 22, 1997
Newsday article about Band, contains several errors
Sep. 3, 1997
Underground Tour photo from Spec
Nov. 29, 1996
Newsday article which briefly mentions Band
Nov. 10, 1996
Dallas Morning News article about cool bands
Nov. 6, 1996
Another Newsday article which briefly mentions Band
Oct. 26, 1996
Yale fans strip to CUMB music
Oct. 20, 1996
Newsday article which briefly mentions Band (there are a lot of these)
Nov. 3, 1995
Record blurb about our sweaters
Nov. 20, 1994
New York Times article about Pataki and Guiliani. Mentions us, sorta.
Oct. 29, 1994
The UVa Band comes to the Princeton game to join forces with us
Oct. 7, 1994
CUMB appears on Late Show with David Letterman
Nov. 1993
Coverage of the Giuliani Incident
Dec. 26, 1991
Front-page WSJ article all about scramble bands
Nov. 13, 1991
Quick mention in Newsday
Apr. 27, 1991
Band gets on Howard Stern's TV show. That's all the info we have.
Sep. 28, 1990
Band finally gets some money
Oct. 15, 1989
Seattle Times article all about the Band
Sep. 22, 1989
USA Today mentions us in an article about Jimmy Hoffa
Aug, 1989
Band gets several mentions in Class of '93's Facebook
Nov. 22, 1989
Article about how much fun Columbia football is; mentions Band
Oct. 8, 1988
This date rings a bell... I forget what happened.
Dec. 7, 1987
Newsday article about how much fun we are; also mentions Brown Band
Oct. 10, 1987
Washington Post and Newsday articles about how everyone's getting
ready to watch Columbia break the national record for consecutive losses
Oct. 4, 1987
Apr. 5, 1987
Cute article about Columbia's second bicentennial. Very brief Band mention.
Dec. 07, 1986
Article about football in the East. One lone (but excellent) Band mention
Nov. 22, 1986
LA Times. Yet another article about how football's losing and Band rocks.
Oct. 29, 1986
Anti-Columbia article from the Seattle Times
Oct. 13, 1986
Sports Illustrated quickie about the Band
Aug. 27, 1986
Atlanta Constitution article about Hoffa & Band
Jan. 30, 1986
Spectator article about the Band
Apr. 23, 1983
New York Times article about Band taking Dean Lehecka hostage
Apr. 11, 1983
UPI article about our new stadium. Doesn't mention Band
Nov 10, 1978
Sundial article about the life of a Columbia bandie
Nov. 9, 1969
Times article about scramble bands in general and us in particular.
Circa 1969
CUMB propaganda! We're still rehashing most of these jokes.
Feb. 23, 1968
Banned from football games?!? Say it ain't so! Spec article.
Feb. 13, 1968
Spec article about Band elections. Foreshadowy.
Dec. 21, 1967
Awesome Spec article about Band playing Rockefeller Plaza
Oct. 23, 1967
Band plays for Barnard fire drill
Oct. 17, 1967
We pretend to be the Brown Band and wake up Yale, and vice versa
Nov. 19, 1962
We pretend to be the Yale Band and wake up Princeton (Spec)
Nov. 18, 1962
We pretend to be the Yale Band and wake up Princeton (Times)
Dec. 2, 1932
Columbia Alumni News article talking about the ancient CUMB