By Bud Shaw, page E5.
A peculiar place and time for a game

   EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - College football 
came to the Meadowlands a decade ago. The 
occasion is remembered more for the Columbia 
University band than the Columbia-Rutgers 
football game.
   Built on swampland that was rumored to be 
the final resting place for many an 
underworld figure, the Meadowlands was a 
ripe target. The band took the field at 
halftime and spelled out "H-O-F-F-A," 
complete with an arrow pointing downward.
   The body of Jimmy Hoffa is still missing. 
So is much of what passes for college 
football fanaticism here. The problem with
tradition in this part of the country is 
that the Columbia band's performance might 
be the greatest moment in college football 
here since Rutgers and Princeton christened 
the sport.
(After this, it stops talking about Columbia)