Every year, Columbia publishes the Facebook and distributes it to all freshmen. It is called the Facebook because over the summer, the frosh send in pictures of them, and they're all arranged in alphabetical order. That way, you can find out the name of that cutie in your Lit Hum class. Anyway, the Facebook is also an introduction of sorts to Columbia, and has pictures of various things and stories and other information. While the Band always seems to get a picture or two in there, in '89 we were all over it. And no, we didn't have any members on the Facebook staff.

First, on page 5, there was a list entitled "Before you Graduate..." Number 2 was "Hear the Marching Band on orgo night." If you absolutely have to see the original page, we have a scan of it here.

There's a great shot of us on page 19, next to a column entitled "Student Life"

There's a shot that could be us, could be the Wind Ensemble on page 33.

Page 38 has a picture of one of our drummers eating something.

On page 45, there are the results of a survey given that was given to all freshmen the previous year. We made "Favorite Musical Group" right after "Scraping Fetus off the Wheel". Here's a scan of the original page, if you want to see it for some reason.