Newsday       Sept. 24 2002 2:31 AM EST

Fordham University students angered over
halftime joke in Columbia game

NEW YORK (AP) _ Students at Fordham University are demanding an apology
from Columbia University for anti-Catholic taunts that were allegedly made
during Saturday's Fordham-Columbia football game.

More than 120 Fordham students have signed a petition demanding an apology
from Columbia's president, Lee Bollinger. The students said a comment
alluding to the recent priest sex scandal was played over the loudspeaker
during halftime.

The Catholic League also demanded an apology on Monday.

The Rev. Joseph O'Hare, who attended Saturday's game, said he did not hear
the comment and would not pursue the issue.

"It's typical of Ivy Leaguers to make fun of a Catholic school's
strait-laced reputation," Father O'Hare told The New York Times. "They're
very self-important little creatures."

The annual Columbia-Fordham game is called the Liberty Cup. 
[It won't be annual until it's been played more than once... -Ed.]