Band Plays for Yale, Brown
[There's a picture of some bandies in dark 
blazers. It's tough to see, because i got
this from microfilm. One has a huge bass 
drum and two in the back are carrying large
signs which say "GO YALE" and "BEAT BROWN"]

   The Columbia University marching band, 
universally recognized as "the cleverest 
band in the world," proved once again last
weekend that it is also the dirtiest and 
most mischievous.
   Scheduled to play during the halftime of
the Columbia-Harvard game at Cambridge on
Saturday, the band decided last week to 
drop in on the Yale and Brown campuses on
the way. Leaving Friday night at 12:30, the
Lions (or better yet, the Weasels) arrived
in New Haven at 3 a.m.
   They then proceeded to march past the
Yale dorms dressed in uniforms resembling
those of the Brown band. They played and
sang Brown fight songs and a few dirty 
anti-Yale songs. 			   
   These antics completed, the band members
took off for Providence, arriving at about
6 a.m. Upon arriving, they switched into
their dark blue blazers, dark pants, and
dark shoes, and then started playing Yale
fight songs and dirty anti-Brown songs.
   After about fifteen minutes, they ran
over to Pembroke, not wanting to miss a 
chance at grossing out the female set.
   The band proceeded to march into the
Pembroke quadrangle and start playing, 
thereby managing to wake up the whole 
school at 6:30 a.m. The Pembroke girls all
stuck their heads out of the windows, but
instead of throwing panties and nylons, 
they threw water.