Page 2. Apparantly there used to be fire drills at Barnard. I hear the Band used to play for them a lot; this was one such time. They stopped having fire drills long ago, probably because there are enough false alarms for everyone to learn how to escape in the event of a real fire.
Band Blares Loudly For Barnard Friday

Hundreds of Barnard students were serenaded
by the Columbia University Marching Band at
a 5:30 a.m. fire drill Friday. 
   After the girls recovered from the shock
of seeing twenty-five musicians, a reporter,
and a photographer - all male - they became
thrilled with the whole idea.
   By the time Peter Janovsky '68, head 
manager of the Band, had led his group 
through a dozen rousing songs, the females
were applauding, smiling, and in some cases,
skipping and dancing merrily around the 
   Janovsky said Friday morning that the 
drill was "one of the best ones we've ever
had." The band traditionally plays at 
Barnard fire drills.
   Comments of the girls when interviewed 
varied from "It was wild" to "I loved it!"
One Honeybear exclaimed "It was great! I'm
going to write home  to mother about it."