It just so happened that on Homecumbing 1994, the Award Winning (not the) University of Virginia Fighting Cavalier Indoor/Outdoor Precision(?) Marching Pep Band and Chowder Society Review, Unlimited! wasn't doing anything. So we invited them up here, and they sure accepted. We got them free garage parking for ten cars worth of Virginia bandies (which more than doubled our numbers on the field). We'll post more of a story when the old people in Band tell it to us. Anyway, here are the pix:

Ed Hardy and Will Morton of the Pep Band do this wierd Bone Guillotine thing.

Ed Hardy and Will Morton again, dancing and scrambling away.

Mark Schlowsky Tossing cereal at the band.

Patrick Lambert gets fleshpiled by the Pep Banned.

More Pep Band members in a group shot.

Sometimes, after a while, all CUMB members start dressing alike.

Lloyd Allen, the Übercow.

Paul Feuer on drums.

A veritable horde of Clarinets.