Band Aid

Columbia's distinctive marching band has a 
uniform look this season: blue crew-neck 
sweaters emblazoned with "C," purchased with 
the proceeds from the band's crash 
appearance on the Late Show with David 
Letterman last year. The band showed off 
its new look Oct. 21 at Wien Stadium at 
Homecoming, where the iconoclastic players 
weathered a drenching that only whet their 
sense of play. Lloyd Allen CC'98, who's 
called prime minister, at far right in bow 
tie, and, to his right, John O'Neill CC'97, 
drum major, flourishing the plunger-baton, 
lead the band to new complexities. New band 
member, trumpeter Irene Hecht, at right, 
marches in her wheelchair. Known for its 
unorthodoxy, the band has included 
accomplished players of the mailbox, 
plumbing-pipe didgeridoo, pasta package and 
kitchen sink.