From the New York Times, 11/18/62, appears to be a front page article.
Masquerading as Yale's, It Serenades With Eli Tunes
Special to The New York Times

PRINCETON, N.J., Nov, 17 - With a drum roll
and a cannon salvo as their introduction, 
54 membrs of the Columbia College marching
band invaded the Princeton University 
campus at 6:55 today.
   "But the game's at Yale!" screamed a 
junior from his window in Joline Hall.
   "Oh no, that's the Yale band," moaned a
sleepy pajama-clad sophomore as the Lion
musicians, dress in Yale-like dark blue 
blazers, filed through the dormitory 
grounds, loudly heralding the opening of 
the Princeton-Yale weekend.
   They also dropped sheet music, 
conspicuously marked "Property of the Yale
University Band."                         [note: we still have some copies in our music archives]
   The raiders marched past Batton,  
Witherspoon and Joline Halls, piping such 
old Yale favorites as "Boola Boola" and
"Down the Field" and awakening at least 150

        Water in Revenge

   At Patton the band was greeted with a
bucketful of water, the first retaliation.
The counterfeit "Elis" responded by playing
two more alien tunes.
   As the last saxophonist filed through 
Blair Arch, a final cannon shot echoed
across the campus.
   Several Princeton students tried to do
battle with the noisemakers, but they were 
half-hearted about it, and the Lions
reached their buses safely. One pair of 
broken eyeglasses was the only toll of the
   The stunt was conceived ten days ago.
Charles Braun, the head manager of the 
Columbia band, explained that six of the
Columbia football games were played at home
at Baker Field this year and the band
"needed something by which to remember the
1962 season."
   Few Princeton men detected the 
deception. There was no doubt in the minds
of those questionsed afterward that Yale
had played a trick on Princeton.
   Russ Hurlburt, a freshman, and a member
of the Princeton band, was on his way to
breakfast when the raid began.
   "They really didn't gain anything by all
this," he said. "Do you realize what time
Yale had to get up to get here? And now
they're going back to New Haven for the 
game. We'd never go out of our way like