Tigers Get a Rise Out of Yale Songs
   "There was screaming and noise; guys
looked out windows and couldn't believe
what they saw."
   Princeton students couldn't believe what
they heard Saturday at 6:55 a.m., either:
Yale songs.
   The songs were sung and played - and a
football cannon set off in the quad "with a
sound you never heard before in your life" -
by 54 members of the Columbia Marching Band
disguised as the Yale band.
   The Lions wore dark blue concert blazers,
the same color as Yale's marching blazers,
and left behind music stamped "Property of
the Yale Band."                             [note: we still have a few copies]
   None of the Princetonians caught on; 
they couldn't believe that the Yale band
would come all the way down and then run
back for the game.
   The awakened Tigers tried to retaliate by
throwing water and firecrackers out the
windows, but the only loss suffered by the
CU band was a pair of broken glasses.