NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani didn't endorse Pataki when he ran for NY State governor. After Pataki won, there was a lot of bad blood. One of the big things that bothered everyone was that Pataki wasn't returning Guiliani's calls. We came up with a one-liner about this at the last minute and read it right before the halftime script.

There's a big picture of Pataki giving a thumbs-up from the stands at Baker Field. Since i'm typing this up from microfilm and we're not in the picture, i'm not going to bother scanning it. The caption reads, "Governor-elect George E. Pataki and his daughter Emily, on his right, were cheering for Columbia at its game with Brown University yesterday in Manhattan. But Brown won, 59 to 27."

The game, by the way, was awful. If you're a Columbia football player, that is; we in the Band found it kinda funny. See, we were winning 27-3 at the end of the third quarter. Then they scored 56 unanswered points. One headline was "Columbia snatches defeat from the jaws of victory"

At Least Their Seconds Are Talking

   Mayor Rudolph W. Guiliani and Governor-
elect George E. Pataki still may not be
talking, but at least their chief 
lieutenants are.
   Mr. Pataki and aides to Mr. Guiliani said
yesterday that the Governor-elect's counsel,
Michael C. Finnegan, and the Mayor's senior
aide, Deputy Mayor Peter J. Powers, spoke by
telephone on Friday about unspecified 
matters affecting the city in the coming 
weeks. After 11 days of sniping that began
with Mr. Pataki's victory, the call appeared
to signal at least a thaw in the chilled
   At the same time, Mr. Guiliani and Mr. 
Pataki both suggested yesterday that they 
wanted to move beyond their differences and
get on with governing.
   Sitting in the bleachers at Baker Field
in Manhattan during Columbia's football game
against Brown, Mr. Pataki said he expected
to meet with the Mayor before taking office
in January.
   "Our staffs are talking about some of the
issues that might be coming up in the next 
couple of weeks, and I expect that will 
continue," said Mr. Pataki, a graduate of 
Columbia's law school.

[...a few paragraphs of boring political crap...]

   While they seemed intent on playing down
the feud, the Mayor and the Governor were 
both confronted with it yesterday. At 
halftime of the Columbia game, a voice 
boomed over the loudspeaker: "Mr. Pataki, 
please report to the sky box. You have a 
phone call from a Mr. Giuliani." Mr. Pataki
laughed at what turned out to be a prank.
And as the Mayor visited a store on 125th 
Street, a shopper, Cassandra Singh, asked 
him why he and Mr. Pataki could not patch
things up. "We need both of you to start
talking," she said.