The Columbia University Marching Band was once an entirely student-run organization. Now the Band is a protectorate of Teacher's College, and repeated plebicites have yet to allow it to become a fully autonomous entity. Drew Coles is the Band Faculty Director. However, Home Rule is still organized by the managing bored:

Head ManagerLiz PudelBC '18
Drum MajorDylan SachsBC '18
Poet LaureateJulia ArredondoBC '19
Spirit ManagerAlexandria "Chanel #7" ParkhurstCC '19
TreasurerIzzy TerraccianoBC '19
Minister of PropagandaXimena AparicioCC '19
Personnel ManagerJane PossCC '20
Equipment ManagerVivian KlotzBC '20
Travel ManagerBetsy LadyzhetsBC '19

You can contact the Band in all sorts of ways. Good ol' analog mail will get to us when you send it to:

Columbia University Marching Band
101 Ferris Booth Hall, Columbia University
New York, NY 10027

This works, despite the fact that 101 FBH is now in a landifll on Staten Island. You can also email us at the above addresses. Or hey, you can come see us! At the football games, we are always seated in section F of Baker Field. At basketball games, we are seated somewhere near the exit.

Do NOT send pictures, old papers, and the like to that address. If you have old stuff (we really love old propaganda and pictures) call us directly and let us know. A lot of alums just sent stuff to Columbia, expecting them to deliver it to us. Unfortunately, they send it to the Columbiana Library. This is basically the University archives. The stuff goes into a folder there, and will never come out. Sure, we can go there and look through the folder anytime we want, and we can even make photocopies for 20 cents a page, but it's a lot better for all parties if you just send the stuff directly to us. Once again, we love getting letters, pictures, stories, papers, anything.

Confused about what exactly all our jobs entail? Want more information than what appears in the constitution? Here's a bit more detail:

Head Manager (a.k.a. Prime Minister) -- Represents the band. Deals with our Director. Runs all over the place to take care of things that are supposed to be done by the administrators who have taken control of the Band. Gets blamed by said administrators when anything goes wrong.

Drum Major (a.k.a. Drum Major) -- Conducts. Leads. Has high visibility. Also represents the Band. Takes flack from the Publick and Deans. Takes office immediately on election (as opposed to at halftime of the last football game like everyone else). Thanks you for coming. Always comes.

Poet Laureate (a.k.a. Scriptwriter) -- Conducts scriptwriting. Draws out formations. Feels sad when stuff gets cut.

Minister of Propaganda (a.k.a. Publicity Manager) -- Makes and recreates clever flyers and trifolds. Maintains web page. Is clever. Has lots of fonts. Posters at all hours of the night (especially during Orientation). Has a clever You Suck so that the Band knows what it just did (or didn't do, depending). Creates other propaganda. Goes to 307 Canal St. to buy flourescent orange postering tape.

Quartermaster (a.k.a. Personnel Manager) -- Records really clever phonemail messages for every Band event (generally at least 3 per week during football season, and more than you would think in the offseason). Forwards said clever phonemail messages to 50 or so extensions, including some non-members, since the messages are clever enough that receiving Marching Band phonemail is a status symbol on campus. Works all night to create a really fantastic Orgo Night message, and then arranges to have it forwarded to every phone on campus. Takes roll. Takes flack if we leave anyone at that last rest stop. Wakes you up when you don't show up to call time.

Spirit Manager (a.k.a. Spirits Manager) -- Leads the Band in song and cheer. Knows all the verses to all the songs. Gets hoarse. Has high visibility. Takes flack from the publick.

Requisitioner (a.k.a. Equipment Manager) -- Orders and reorders and reorders uniforms. Buys instruments. Buys parts for broken instruments. Fixes Band property. Is severely inconvenienced with great regularity when the Band realizes at Thursday practice that something is needed for a Saturday morning performance. Takes inventory. Takes flack.

Travel Manager -- Responsible for getting us where we're going. Clean up the band bus and the stands. Make sure other people know we're coming and find out how long our shows are. Make sure visiting bands know how to get here and what to do once they arrive. Call the Cottage. Arrange for someone to get the press pass for each game. Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag. Bring a map.

The Managing bored elections are held once every year, after the second-to-last football game and before the last football game. To vote in elections you have to have gone, in uniform, to 3 football games and at least one practice in each of the weeks leading up to the 3 football games within the previous year (although more frequent association with the Band is not in the least bit frowned upon) unless you're special.

There are some other, less formal officers: Section Leaders, Scriptreader, and some shadier positions. While these jobs are important, they aren't Bored positions; you don't get a vote at Bored meetings.