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The Columbia University Marching Band was once an entirely student-run organization. Now the Band is a protectorate of Teacher's College, and repeated plebicites have yet to allow it to become a fully autonomous entity. Drew Coles is the Band Faculty Director. However, Home Rule is still organized by the managing bored:

Head Manager

Vivian Klotz - BC '20
Environmental Science

After spending a year as Equipment Manager, where she wrangled both equipment and the people attached to it, Vivian "Band Mom" Klotz retained enough sanity (or perhaps not enough) to return as Head Manager. As Head you'll still find her wrangling people, only now it'll also include the only people in the world more difficult than bandies: the Alumni and the Administration. You can also find her leading our trombones in booty drops, with accompanying blasts of course. Vivian is interested in Environmental Policy because there's nothing she loves more than hugging trees - even though it gives her splinters. She enjoys sitting in on classes "just to learn" and takes tango dancing classes in her spare time - in other words, she's pretty weird. Oh, and now she has a kinky pink whip to enhance her weirdness.

Drum Major

Cameron Danesh - SEAS '20
Chemical Engineering with an Economics minor

Formerly known as the band's "delayed and mopey sax" by critics from the lowest pits of hell, Cameron "Can't feel my arms" Danesh was born to control this clusterfuck of a band. Previous Drum Majors have fondly remembered the job as "herding cats," something we in the band see as both mildly offensive and accurate. As Drum Major you'll see Cameron waving his arms and wondering why he only sees the backs of people's heads, and finally getting to tell someone else to "take it away." Outside of band you can find Cameron working in a Chemistry Lab or prepping for the Organic Chemistry final he won't have time to study for. He also enjoys shouting at the TV whenever the Patriots are playing, shouting at the refs whenever Columbia is playing, and not shouting at the band because he loves us. Although his school did not offer AP Music Theory, he claims he would have gotten a 5 if given the opportunity.

Poet Laureate

Alex "Chanel #7" Parkhurst - CC '19
Mathematics/Statistics with a concentration in History

Chanel "Lit? More like literature" #7 is going on her third Bored term, and we can't help but wonder how she can put up with this bullshit for so long. After having served as Equipment and Spirit Manager, Chanel is excited to begin her final reign as the Poet Laureate. Chanel is the most beautiful and smartest band member, who is also responsible for writing all of the band's content. Including this bio. Outside of band she enjoys exploring bars around the city, reading Wikipedia articles, and doing her problem sets. She can be found at 1020 on any given Tuesday, or Butler on any given night, including before, during, and after Orgo Night.

Spirit Manager

Daniel Frieldfeld-Gebaide - CC'20
Computer Science and English

Daniel "Ja Boi" Friedfeld-Gebaide is new to Bored this term, but not new to raising the band's spirits. Hailing from Long Island, the land of the bag wine, Daniel has plenty of experience making a good time out of just about anything. Daniel knew he was destined to join the band when he first thought the words "God truly blessed that booty." As the Spirit of the Band, Daniel is lit, wild, and probably without much of a voice. His motto as Spirit Manager is "Every shot life gives you should be taken." In the band, Daniel plays the sousa - in fact, he frequently loses items in his sousa, including his phone, which was later found ringing from the closet. On the weekends, you can find him talking with his barber, who constantly says the day Daniel goes bald is the day he retires, or at Mel's working to become a member of the Brew Crew.


Josue Lecodet - CC '19
History with a concentration in Sustainable Development

Josue "Moneybags Tyrant" Lecodet was elected to Bored last term with five weeks left in the semester - giving him ample time to acclimate to our fuckery! For some reason he decided to run again (guess he's not tired of us yet!), and is excited to return as our Treasurer for a full term. As a member of the trumpet section, Josue is used to getting his way - after all, where would we be without the high brass? Outside of band, you can find Josue involved in CIRCA which takes up the rest of his free time. At other times you can find him eating or napping somewhere on campus. He's been spending a lot of time in Lerner lately and is unsure why but look for him there! As Treasurer, Josue works to increase accessibility so that all bandies can have fun despite the crushing capitalist system. Turn in your receipts!

Minister of Propaganda

Ximena Aparicio - CC '19

Temporary position

Personnel Manager

Matt "Tank" Coulson - GS '20
Urban Studies with a specialization in Public Health

Although Tank "Sad Boy" Coulson is new to the band this year, he has really livened up the Sousa section by bringing out Connie the Communist Tuba for nearly every event. At games, his favorite thing to do is sit back with his sunglasses on and wait for beer o'clock. A self-proclaimed socialist, Tank can be found hovered over a drink most nights bemoaning the current state of the world. He hates the cold, but likes booze, sports and, once more for the people in the back, communism. Also, he gets low-key hype about public transportation and is known for very good bad jokes. As Personnel, he knows everyone - a real social butterfly. Point out a random person in a rugby and he'll tell you their name, school year, and favorite sex position. Oh, and fill out the damn survey.

Equipment Manager

Sam "Scammer" Muller - CC '19
Computer Science

After three years with the band, Scammer "Time to go harder - seriously" Muller decided to grace the Bored with his presence when he ran for Equipment Manager. As a trumpet who has been committed to band life since the beginning, Scammer knows the ins and outs of getting lit and staying on top of his shit. He's now responsible for everyone else's shit too, but don't let that make you think he's your bitch. He is NOT the band's bitch and will remind you of that. Scammer loves playing trumpet in Wind Ensemble (when he's not getting lit) and, as a native to Minnesota, he aggressively loves the state! Ask him about hot dish, pop, snow, lutefisk, lefse, and Lutherans - among many other things! And, of course, ask him the best way to be carried up a hill.

Travel Manager

Isabel "Keanu" Sepúlveda - CC '21
Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies

Keanu "Has a list" Sepúlveda is new to Bored this year but has already made quite the impact on the band. From her fierce fighting abilities to her artful trombone playing, she really knows how to perfect a skill. You'll see her in the low brass section jamming out with fellow bandies or in the front of the bus making sure our drivers don't steer us into the Hudson. Unless she wants them to - that's just a sampling of the chaos she has the ability to cause. When she's not in band, Keanu can be found practicing tae kwon do, writing pieces for Bwog like "Why the CUMB is the Best," and rehearsing punching you in the face. As our Travel Manager, Keanu is charged with cleaning up rental buses, which bandies have puked both in and on, but don't ask her about it unless you have an exceptionally strong stomach.