The Columbia University Marching Band


The Cleverest Band in the World™


If you're an alum, make sure to stay up to date by keeping in touch with our Alumni Association!

Hire us!

You can hire the band for just about anything as long as something is in it for us! Please contact our Head Manager with information about your event.

Talk to the Bored

There are some other, less formal officers: Section Leaders, Scriptreader, and some shadier positions. While these jobs are important, they're not cool enough to get an email address.

You can contact the Band in all sorts of ways. Good ol' analog mail will get to us when you send it to:

Columbia University Marching Band
101 Ferris Booth Hall, Columbia University
New York, NY 10027

This works, despite the fact that 101 FBH is now in a landifll on Staten Island. You can also email us at the above addresses. Or hey, you can come see us! At the football games, we are always seated in section F of Baker Field. At basketball games, we are seated somewhere near the exit.

Do NOT send pictures, old papers, and the like to that address. If you have old stuff (we really love old propaganda and pictures) call us directly and let us know. A lot of alums just sent stuff to Columbia, expecting them to deliver it to us. Unfortunately, they send it to the Columbiana Library. This is basically the University archives. The stuff goes into a folder there, and will never come out. Sure, we can go there and look through the folder anytime we want, and we can even make photocopies for 20 cents a page, but it's a lot better for all parties if you just send the stuff directly to us. Once again, we love getting letters, pictures, stories, papers, anything.