The Columbia University Marching Band

Welcome to the homepage of the Columbia University Marching Band. The Band is comprised of one hundred guys and one girl.
The Band at Baker Field being led by former Drum Major John O'Neill CC'97
We play at all Columbia football games, both home and away. We're not your typical marching band. As you can see in this photo, our roster includes accomplished players of the harp, bass fiddle, banjo, didgeridoo, some kind of weird log-shaped piano thing, xylophone, that weird umbrella thing with bells next to the drummer, and bagpipes. Then there's that guy on the left who sings, and Grouchy with his fingers in his ears. And I think the guy to the left of the harpist is smoking something.
#5 Marcellus Wiley

Our zany on-field antics include forming JFK's skull at Princeton in '93, recreating the Last Supper and Crucifixion at the Cornell game in '96, and foiling Gargamel's plan to eat us at Harvard in '87.

Drum Major Justin Shubow
Of course, it's not all fun and games. Besides practice twice a week, every bandie has a job to do, usually tailored to their specific skill. For example, Harmony is our Music Manager, Hefty is in charge of carrying oats, and Woodcutter does our accounting. When we all work together, we get the job done twice as fast and in half the time.

So, do you want to join the Band? It's easy once you find our secret village. Just go into the forest and listen for singing. If you see a bunch of gelatinous bears bouncing around and drinking juice, you've made a wrong turn.

Our SWAT Team showing off their newest acquisitions