Who are we? What do we do?

The Dartmouth University Marching Band, founded in 1889, is the oldest band in the Ivy League. In the 1960s, we realized how stupid we looked marching around while others were breaking new ground. We've been attempting to keep up with them ever since. We try to be as humorous as possible while maintaining the epitome of euphonious caliber, whatever the hell that means. If all else fails, we just steal a top ten list from Dave Letterman and pass it off as our own material.

The DUMB rehearses on Thursday and Friday afternoons from 4-6pm. Later in the season, Friday rehearsals run from 3-5pm so we can play with the sheep in the dark. On Saturdays of home football games the b and meets at 8:30am for beer, chips, and a final rehearsal before the game. Around noon, the Band plays outside the Dartmouth Co-op, since there real ly isn't a hell of lot to do up here in the middle of nowhere. Then we march through town on our way to the football game. At the game we perform both a pre-game and half-time show and see who can suck the most beer through their trumpet.

After the football season, the band transforms into a winter sports pep band, playing at frat parties, farms, and the occasional AA meeting.

To see what we really do for fun, however, one must continue here.